Lockdowns Based on Kids School Project

This blew my mind when I found this little tidbit of information. Not highly visible or easy to find, but if you look hard enough, you can find anything I guess. Also, admittedly being somewhat obsessed about this subject, I seem to stumble onto things like this. These draconian lockdowns we are just now starting to come out of albeit there being threats of another lockdown here in Ontario have never happened in the history of time except on one occasion. Lockdowns were never a consideration until the wrong people with a lot of influence and power stumbled onto a 14-year-old’s school project where she used her own computer model to determine methods to slow the spread of the flu. Her computer model studied the interactions of people in a hypothetical viral outbreak where people’s interactions social distancing was used. Her rudimentary computer model showed a simple way to halt the spread of the disease is to limit the number of contacts people have. Her model showed instead of 5,000 people getting sick, the number was reduced to 500.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, who has worked in the past with Dr. Anthony Fauci and has extensive knowledge of infectious diseases, heard about this through the girl’s father and before you know it, the project soon then got elevated to national prominence.
It seems Fauci’s name is stamped on so many missteps surrounding this entire COVID crisis. If you recall, Fauci was connected to the original models that predicted the spread and the death rates that ended up being exponentially flawed, resulting in the scientist responsible, was discovered to be a fraud. Yet the damage was done and the world never recovered from those early misguided and horrible inaccurate predictions. So now with this child’s computer model and fast forward some time, they put the program that performed the modelling onto a larger computer. When all was said and done, they ended up not recommending lockdowns and recommended more direct regional closures as some countries did that proved highly successful. Instead of locking everything down, they focused on “hot spots” while keeping the economy open and flourishing. However, thanks to her work being hijacked by policymakers and government officials, without consulting economic and legal experts regarding the ramifications of expanding shutdowns beyond schools, they proceeded to direct and mandate a worldwide lockdown, which brings us to the present day. As tens of millions are suffering without jobs or income and are trying to cope with the economic stress of a collapsing economy, news companies like CNN and MSNBC were kept busy writing puff pieces praising the policy and its high school genesis.

However, as it pertains to COVID-19, the science project has flaws. The virus’s effect on children compared to influenza being one. In influenza, which is a disease transmitted by children and really hurts children, unlike COVID, you could significantly reduce community outbreaks by closing schools, however, COVID does not infect children, nor do they seem to spread it as it has been determined that kids do not have the receptors to catch the disease.

Never before in human history was it contemplated that we would lock down healthy people whereby, quarantine is what you did to sick people. The only time in human history that there had been a lockdown of healthy people was in medieval ages, in medieval times where it worked against them. Because transmission accelerated indoors both with the plague and with tuberculosis and the other outbreaks.

Does “the science” support continuing the lockdowns and social distancing?

Did it ever support these devastating policies?

Maybe we need a teenager to come up with a better idea for another science project, wait, hold on school has been cancelled.

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