I just downloaded the latest data from Ontario’s site. Over 553,000 records. I correlated the data by age, deaths and cases and overlaid the charts to get this illustration. I also was able to plot the deaths by city and visually illustrate this using Excel. It’s interesting to see that younger people saw the majority of “cases” but by far, the lowest mortality. This proves we really don’t need to concern ourselves with positive cases that Doug Ford keeps reporting. Positive cases are not an indicator to be used for deciding if we lock down or not.

May be an image of map and text that says 'LATEST DATA DOWNLOAD FROM ONTARIO'S DATASETS 3500 COVID CASES BY AGE & DEATH RATES 2020- 2020-2021-AUGUST AUGUST 10th 3000 17274 89882 Highest Cases 18 Yrs. Lowest Deaths 0306 2000 1500 1000 78134 188 Years Old Highest Death Rate 1935 2477 8887 1101 324 602 97 COVID RELATED DEATHS MY CITY ΟΝΤΑΤΙΟ 2020-2021 2021'

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