Comparing Vaccine Deaths – Shocking!

Why is it that so many are rushing to get the vaccine? Even healthy young people with no co-morbidities are lining up for “the jab”? Why is it that so many are not weighing out the risks of catching the Virus with a 99.n % survival rate, for those not in the high-risk group, and even if infected there are proven therapeutics that basically stop it in its tracks with a 99% success rate compared to injecting in their bodies gene therapy with no long-term studies? Why is it that people are willing to take a “gene therapy” not approved by the FDA and technically and by every definition still in trials? Speaking of trials, why is it that the so-called trials we were all waiting to end in 2024 have been ruined and not a word from the media?…/long-term-studies-of-covid-19…Why is there is no talk about the therapeutics that work? Why have we stopped talking about herd immunity which is by far the best scenario we could hope for?

Why is it that nobody is talking about that those who are vaccinated are not immune, nor not able to spread the virus whereby the mRNA shot simply reduces the clinical symptoms of the virus, which as a result the vaccinated are in fact potential “super spreaders”? Why is it that we are not targeting only those at high risk, those over 70 with pre-existing health issues for the untested mRNA shot? Why are we pushing vaccine passports when the vaccine does not stop the spread of the virus? It seems so much has changed, but still, governments and health officials are doubling down on old data.Why is it that the mRNA can have more deaths than 27 vaccines distributed in the US in 2008 and not a word from the media?…and finally, why the hell are we calling the Pfizer and Moderna treatment a vaccine?

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