Alberta’s COVID Stats – Why Lockdown?

With all the media attention around some of the provinces lifting the bands on masks and other COVID protocols, there seem to be those who say this is dangerous and irresponsible, I am sure you have heard it from Theresa Tam. So, I thought I would do some digging into some data and this is what I found. Data that is freely available to anyone, so this can all be fact-checked (link below)If you compare death rates for any given year in Alberta, with the death rates from Covid thus far in 2021 and use some simple trending formulas, one can clearly see, COVID is not even on the map where one could consider it a concern.

One could even argue, why the lockdown took place at all with numbers like these. comparisons This is why I have been saying we have a casedemic and nothing more. As more time goes by, and more data is released, people who take the time and effort to actually crunch numbers will see what a complete farce this has all been with tragic results to so many aspects of the public.

May be an image of text that says 'CAUSES OF DEATH ANNUAL COMPARISONS ALBERTA (Compete 2019 US 00VID 2021 plusannualtrending Under 60) 145 Covid All 2021 Plus rending Estimaes Malignantneoplasmsofprostate Malignantneoplasmsof pancreas Malignantneoplasmso colon defined and unknown causes mortality Other 440 476 482 522 569 602 677 678 Diabetes mellitus Stroke, not pecified shemorrhage or nfarction Accidental poisoning by and exposure to rugs and other biological.. Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, so described Acute myocardial nfanction Other chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Malignantneoplasmsoftrachea, bronchus and lung All other forms of hronic ischemic heart disease Organic dementia 1061 1159 1523 500 1886 1997 1000 1500 2000 2500'

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