500 New Cases, What they don’t tell you

I heard someone say yesterday after I said it was such a nice day out and it was great to see so many families out enjoying the weather. What I heard was this “Well enjoy it now because a fourth wave could be coming and there were 500 new cases yesterday. I have been saying for months and months, we need to stop focusing on the cases which leaving out selected data the media and government are not telling us. They are not providing a completely accurate and truthful picture of the situation by simply reporting partial data. So I put together this little illustration to hopefully inform people what this (500 new cases) truly and honestly means when you provide all the data. This is not my own personal opinion, this is based on data from Ontario’s own website that I compiled, and this is telling us a more accurate story. Here is the source if you wish to review it:

May be an image of text that says '500 NEW CASES WHAT THEY DON'T TELL YOU- 98% RECOVER! Upt 50+ 500 New Cases 亦穴穴外外 Positives Only particulates 98.7 Full Recovery 大内穴穴外 symptoms contagious Admitted to Hospital Cycle Thresholds too high or ICU 2% less What the media tell you 1 Death Rate Less than 02% What they should be telling but don't. Learn this, research this for yourself. 01 WHEN HEAR 500 REMEMBER 500 140000 ΟΝΤΑΙΟ CASES AND RECOVERIES MAY 2019 AUGUST 2021 POSITIVE CASES LYRECOVERED 100000 98 1 1. Ontario STATS'

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