Kids and COVID

When I got up this morning and saw the push for vaccines for children my stomach sunk. This goes against everything that is right and against what the data and science are telling up.

This war on our children must end, the schools need to be reopened, the teachers need to go back to work, we have to stop listening to false or even partially true information. We have been in this for a while now, Sick kids have issued the alarms, the Pediatric Society has issued the alarm yet Doug Ford and Trudeau are still doubling down on these draconian lockdowns. And now they want to vaccinate children and babies with the mRNA gene therapy that has not undergone any long-term studies. Children are not at risk, any child under 10 would rarely catch COVID and if so it would be extremely unlikely they would have any symptoms at all, so what is the rationale for this, and what is the basis?

Why would there be a push to vaccinate six-month-old babies? Vaccinate two-year-old infants? Vaccinate six-year-old children? Ten-year-old children? Via an experimental vaccine that delivers genetic code into your cells instructing it to produce a mock portion of the virus? It just not make any sense and in my mind is verging on child abuse We don’t hear much in the news about the tens of thousands of people dying each year from the flu, so most of us don’t realize how deadly it is. As shown in the chart below, total annual worldwide flu deaths consistently exceeded 50,000 people in 2017, 2018 and again in 2019, but strangely dropped to zero starting in early 2020 and have remained there ever since.

However, as it pertains to COVID-19, the science project has flaws. The virus’s effect on children compared to influenza being one. In influenza, which is a disease transmitted by children and really hurts children, unlike COVID, you could significantly reduce community outbreaks by closing schools, however, COVID does not infect children, nor do they seem to spread it as it has been determined that kids do not have the receptors to catch the disease.

Never before in human history was it contemplated that we would lock down healthy people whereby, quarantine is what you did to sick people. The only time in human history that there had been a lockdown of healthy people was in medieval ages, in medieval times where it worked against them. Because transmission accelerated indoors both with the plague and with tuberculosis and the other outbreaks.

Does “the science” support continuing the lockdowns and social distancing?

Did it ever support these devastating policies?

Maybe we need a teenager to come up with a better idea for another science project, wait, hold on school has been cancelled.

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