Cycle Threshold

Let’s talk about Cycle Threshold. I know I have mentioned this numerous times, but let me explain this in plain language. The Food and Drug Administration said in an emailed statement that it does not specify the cycle threshold ranges used to determine who is positive, and that “commercial manufacturers and laboratories set their own.”

So the FDA and the CDC have spent months hyping a test that involves amplifying tiny samples of viral remains until there’s enough to detect. But there are no rules or even any guidelines for how much amplification the testing companies do.

When you test using overly high thresholds, you get a large number of false positives, some have said as high as 60% and some have reported even higher.

Even though obviously, the more positive test results they churn out, the more downstream business they’ll get from people who are worried because they had contact with someone that tested positive and the general increased concern over the virus. So, yes those ugly words again “Money and Profit”.

Since any test will have a false positive rate, mass testing will mean that an alarming number of bogus COVID-19 cases will continue to be reported every single day from now until eternity even after the virus has run its course, creating an illusory pandemic that never goes away or ever existed in the first place.

Most experts with the PCR test say a cycle threshold over 28 is going to result in many false positives. This being a well-known and documented fact, the CDC in all it’s wisdom recommended Cycle Thresholds of 40 to be used which is a magnification in the trillions.

The C.D.C.’s own calculations suggest that it is extremely difficult to detect any live virus in a sample above a threshold of 33 cycles. The CDC has been deceptive in stating data shows using 40 or even 37 cycles is going to result in massive amounts of positive diagnoses that ought to be negative.

As I dug further, I found out the CDC didn’t just have, as they said “extreme difficulty” finding any live virus in samples whose cycle threshold was above 33. They were straight-up unable to find any. That’s right folks, the CDC issued guidelines for COVID-19 testing that their own research shows are bound to mean that a lot of people not infected by the virus would get test results falsely saying they were.

In one published study which is hard to find for obvious reasons, they retested thousands of positive cases using a more accurate and recommended Cycle Threshold. Once completed there was an astounding 90% that were actually false positives. This is huge, this is a smoking gun, this is unthinkable!

So, we know this now about Cycle Thresholds, and we know there must be at least some questionability about our current testing, and we also know, deaths and how we are recording them now greatly inflate Covid death rates. We also know comorbidities come into play in factoring in the risks. So, with all this of what we know, or at the very least suspect, should we not be asking some serious questions?

Has this been nothing more than a calamity of wrong projections, politics, money and power? We have listened to the advice of those who have all to gain and nothing to lose?

I urge you to do your own research, remember to use as your search engine to avoid the censoring of data.

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